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Assisting collaboration in forest and grassland restoration, conservation and resource utilization—
for the benefit of all.


The Montana Forest Collaboration Network (MFCN) is primarily a volunteer consensus-based collaborative group, formed in August 2016 to assist collaborative groups across Montana in forest and grassland restoration, conservation, and resource utilization for the benefit of all.

Randy Moore at MFCN 7th Annual Workshop, Nov. 17, 2022

“When I look at all the work that this collaborative is doing and has done, I want you to know that you stand out against anyone across the nation. I think you’ve been very effective, very engaged, very involved in natural resource management here in Montana and more specifically in the Northern Region.”


Leanne Marten at MFCN 7th Annual Workshop, Nov. 17, 2022

Improving the health and resilience of Montana’s forests relies on all of us working together.  The last year has presented us with many unforeseen challenges and highlighted the collective strength we have with our partners and more than ever our interdependence on one another. I appreciate the support and mentorship MFCN continues to provide to collaborative groups and processes across our state.

Leanne Marten, Regional Forester — USDA Forest Service

The Montana Forest Collaborative Network (MFCN) continues to be a strong voice for collaborative forest management and collaborative development in Montana. In the complexity of natural resource management, MFCN brings stability, coordination, and the technical support of recognized professionals from diverse fields and constituencies.”

Mark Peck – Lincoln County Commissioner

From Dillon to Plentywood, from Helena to Washington, D.C., there are folks who want to work to find common ground, and also demagogues who seek power by driving us apart.  The Founders gave us the tools to choose.

Brian Kahn — Artemis Common Ground

Regional Workshop MFCN co-sponsored with Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership March 2018
Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project
Clearwater Resource Council
Southwest Crown of the Continent—working on a project
MFCN 1st Annual Workshop – Helena 2016
Lincoln Restoration Committee collaboratively mapping
Beaverhead-Deerlodge Working Group
The Gold Butterfly Project — Bitterroot Forests Collaborative