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Wildfire Science and Values
Monday, October 18, 2021, from 12 to 2 p.m. MT
Hosted by the National Forest Foundation in partnership with the Montana Forest Collaboration Network
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During this peer learning session, speakers will:

  • Build understanding about the spectrum of complementary actions, based on available science, to protect the built environment and community values from wildfire, improve the ecological resilience of our landscapes, and improve the safety and effectiveness of wildfire management;
  • Discuss the concepts of landscape resilience, the wildland urban interface and the home ignition zone, fire management options, and the roles they play in reducing fire risk;
  • Address why fire needs to be restored to the landscape;
  • Consider the values that could be lost and how they relate to fire; and
  • Discuss how to increase the options for fire managers to implement integrated active management.
Moderated by Dr. Colin Hardy, U.S. Forest Service, Missoula Fire Sciences Lab (ret.).
Speakers include:

  • Dr. Mark Finney, U.S. Forest Service Fire Lab;
  • Dr. Jack Cohen, U.S. Forest Service Fire Lab (ret.); and
  • Barbara (Bea) Day, U.S. Forest Service Portland NIMO Incident Commander.
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