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Assisting collaboration in forest and grassland restoration, conservation and resource utilization—
for the benefit of all.


Letters of Support

Many different programs exist or are proposed that help the Montana Forest Restoration Committee realize its restoration goals. Occasionally the MFRC Steering Committee will submit letters of support in order to demonstrate our commitment to these programs and restoration of our national forest system lands.

Southwestern Crown of the Continent Collaborative

In April 2010, a letter was sent in support of the Southwestern Crown of the Continent Collaborative Proposed Project, a proposal submitted under the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP).

Members of the MFRC helped craft the proposal, and the project embodies the restoration committee’s guiding principles to restore ecosystem biodiversity and enhance forest resiliency on federal forestlands, while providing economic opportunity to rural Montana communities and retaining our essential forest products partners.

Forest Service Legacy Roads & Trails Remediation Initiative

Also in April 2010, the MFRC sent a letter in support of the Forest Service’s Legacy Roads and Trails Remediation Initiative, which was developed to address water quality problems resulting from deteriorating and unmaintained segments of the Forest Service transportation system.