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Assisting collaboration in forest and grassland restoration, conservation and resource utilization—
for the benefit of all.


Montana Forest Restoration Committee

The Montana Forest Restoration Committee (MFRC) was the governing body under whose authority all work was conducted. The MFRC met at least twice per year, and had the authority to approve new, Forest-level or local Restoration Committees, changes in Restoration Principles, etc. The work of the MFRC was also guided by its adopted Charter.

In addition, the MFRC evaluated pilot efforts and made changes as necessary to better accomplish the goals of the Forest Restoration Committees. Forest Service representatives served as ex-officio members of the MFRC.

The duties of the MFRC were to:

  • Adopt rules and policies governing its operations
  • Adopt work plans and programs
  • Enter into agreements with other agencies or organizations
  • Adopt a budget
  • Adopt official policies or positions for the MFRC
  • Review the actions of the co-chairs, the Steering Committee, and any staff
  • Undertake any other action appropriate to the mission and purpose of the MFRC

MFRC Members

Julia Altemus, Montana Wood Products Association
Matt Arno, Blackfoot Challenge
Scott Brennan, The Wilderness Society
Len Broberg, Sierra Club
Gary Burnett, Blackfoot Challenge 
Caroline Byrd, The Greater Yellowstone Coalition
Al Christophersen, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Orville Daniels, Citizen-at-Large
K.D. Feeback, Attorney
John Gatchell, Montana Wilderness Association
William Geer, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Brian Kahn, Artemis Common Ground
Julie King, U.S. Forest Service
Bill Avey, U.S. Forest Service
Tim Garcia, U.S. Forest Service
Jake Kreilick, WildWest Institute
Tim Love, MFRC Coordinator
Mary Mitsos, National Forest Foundation
Julia Riber, U.S. Forest Service
Jack Rich, Rich Ranches
Chuck Roady, FH Stoltze Land & Lumber
Tim Ryan, EthnoTech
Paul Rumelhart, Kootenai River Development Council
Gordy Sanders,Pyramid Mountain Lumber
Dan Thompson,Ravalli County Off-Road Users Association
Jason Todhunter, TriCon
Mark Vander Meer, Watershed Consulting
Chip Weber, U.S. Forest Service
Tom Williams, Rancher