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Assisting collaboration in forest and grassland restoration, conservation and resource utilization—
for the benefit of all.


The MFRC elected a Steering Committee to which it delegated day-to-day operational and executive functions, as well as strategic planning, fundraising and outreach.

MFRC Steering Committee Members

Gordy Sanders, Co-Chair, Pyramid Mountain Lumber
Julia Altemus, Montana Wood Products Association
Al Christophersen, Citizen-at-Large
John Gatchell, Co-Chair, Montana Wilderness Association
Debby Hassel, U.S. Forest Service
Brian Kahn, Citizen-at-Large
Mary Mitsos, National Forest Foundation
Chuck Roady, FH Stoltze Land & Lumber
Wayne Hedman, Bitterroot RC
Jake Kreilick, Lolo RC
Gary Burnett, Lincoln RC
Tom Williams, Elkhorn RC
Tim Love, Coordinator