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Assisting collaboration in forest and grassland restoration, conservation and resource utilization—
for the benefit of all.


Montana Forest Restoration Committee

The MFRC articulated a collective vision of ecologically-appropriate, scientifically-supported forest restoration through a set of 13 Principles (Principles), ratified in August 2007. The Principles represent the “zone of agreement” where controversy, delays, appeals, and litigation are significantly reduced.

The group published a booklet, Restoring Montana’s National Forest Lands, outlining the process, restoration principles, and implementation.

Since the Principles were established, the MFRC created several committees to advance collaborative on-the-ground forest restoration efforts in Montana. Current committees are aligned with the Bitterroot National ForestHelena National Forest and the Lolo National Forest. Additional National Forest-specific committees will be formed where opportunities for collaborative efforts meet the MFRC’s criteria.

The MFRC elected a Steering Committee to which it delegated day-to-day operational and executive functions, as well as strategic planning, fundraising and outreach. The Steering Committee elected its own officers, which serve as members of the Executive Committee.

Members of the MFRC and sub-committees are volunteers. See the individual committee pages for a list of its members. A small staff supports the MFRC and sub-committees.